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The Celtic Congress:
An Guntelles Keltek Kernow

The Celtic Congress was a spin-off from the Pan Celtic Movement of the late nineteenth century, especially strong in Ireland & Brittany.

In rotation, members meet in the Celtic Countries every year. Each Country has its own Branch. It is a cultural movement and is non-political and non-sectarian.

Cornwall wished to join, but it was not until 1904 that we were allowed entry. Henry Jenner convinced the Congress members that Cornwall was a Celtic Nation and which had its own language. Members were greatly surprised when a telegram arrived in the Cornish Language.

A Congress was held in Cornwall in 1932, but one was cancelled in 1939 on the outbreak of War. No Congress was held in the war years. But after this activities were resumed and the Congress has gone from strength to strength. Cornwall, at one period, had a struggle to provide speakers and more especially singers and dancers. However, in recent years Cornwall has been one of the strongest members of the Congress, providing many delegates to the Congress with much talent.

All are very welcome to join our Branch of the Celtic Congress and to attend these events.

Logo of the Celtic Congress

An Guntelles Keltek
Tony Piper, 35 Treglenwith Road, Camborne, Cornwall. +44 1209 711 509.

Denise Chubb, Gordon illa, Sunnyvale Road, Portreath, Redruth, Cornwall. +44 1209 842 394.

Jerry Rogers, 17 Chiltern Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire GU47 8NB. +44 1344 775 946.

Bookings for the 2013 Congress to be made through the above members.

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