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The Celtic Congress:
Scottish Branch

(Teacsa in GĂ idhlig)

The International Celtic Congress is an educational and cultural organization whose aims are to perpetuate the ideals, cultures, and languages of the Celtic peoples. It has a branch in each of the Celtic countries: members come together to exchange common interests and concerns at the annual conference. This is held in each of the countries in an agreed rotation and with a nominated theme.

The Celtic Congress (Scotland)

  • shares the overall objectives of its parent organization.
  • supports the development of the Gaelic language and culture.
  • promotes interest in the other Celtic languages and cultures.
  • encourages close links with fellow Celts in Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Man, and Ireland.
  • puts a particular emphasis on education.
  • encourages young people to participate in its activities.
  • supports other organizations with similar objectives.
  • organizes ceilidhs, inter-Celtic concerts and other cultural and fund-raising events.
  • keeps in regular contact with its members through its newsletter.
The Celtic Congress (Scotland) is recognized as a charity: it is non-political and non-sectarian.

Whatever your age-group, and whether you speak Gaelic or not, you are cordially invited to join; and you will be made welcome!

Christine Mac Kay
Membership Secretary, Alma, Cullipool, Isle of Luing, Oban, Argyll PA34 4TX, ALBA

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