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Ar C'hendalc'h Keltiek Etrevroadel

A' Chòmhdhail Cheilteach Eadarnaiseanta
Y Gyngres Geltaidd Ryngwladol
An Comhdháil Cheilteach Idirnáisiúnta
An Cuntelles Keltek Kesgwlasek
Y Cohaglym Celtiagh Eddyr-Ashoonagh
Le Congrès Celtique Internationale

An Oriant 1995

1. Minutes of the Falmouth meeting

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in Falmouth 1994 were read, accepted, and signed.

2. Apologies for absence from the Congress

    Alba: Murdo Campbell, Isobel Mackenzie, Callum and Joyce MacDonald, Christine Mackay, Marie Rhird, Ronald and Rona Taylor, Angus MacLeod, Archie and Marie Frazer, Jean MacNaughton, May Mackay, Edric Hosking, Mavis Raatgeoir.
    Breizh: Jean-Do Robin, Jean Yves Cozan, deputé
    Cymru: Heinz Haack
    Éire: Sighle Ní Dhomhnalláin, Peig Naoise, Cáit and Pádraig Mac Ionnraic
    Mannin: Pauline Edge

3. Obituaries

    Alba: Christine MacKinnon
    Breizh: Gab ar Moal
    Éire: Tomás MacArdail, Leon Rowsome
    Kernow: Rev Frank Warnes

4. Report of the International Secretary

The International Secretary reported that all motions passed at the previous Annual General Meeting had been dealt with promptly and she hoped that the Branches concerned had had some benefit from them. She had nothing remarkable to report regarding the replies except that the motions had been received and were being dealt with. She felt that the Branches concerned should make some contribution locally to strengthen the motions.

This being her last appearance as International Secretary she thanked all Branches for the cooperation she had received from them during her period of Office and wished her successor many happy years of very hard work.

At this point the International President Brian Stowell thanked me for my cooperation as International Secretary and paid a tribute to my long association with the Congress and with the Isle of Man in particular. He presented me with a copy of the recently published book A photographic journey in the Isle of Man in appreciation of my work.

Mrs Audrey Poole from Cornwall presented me with a piece of Celtic Jewellery and spoke of her long association with me in the Congress and as a friend.

5. Honorary Vice-President

Delwyn Phillips, Wales, said he felt that the retiring International Secretary should be made an Honorary Vice-President of the Congress. Jack Irving, Mannin, and Per Denez, Breizh, also spoke in support of the motion. the Meeting unanimously accepted the motion and I was made an Honorary vice-President of the Congress.

I felt very humble at this point in the meeting, as I do now when writing about it. I can only say thank you to everyone, I have grown up with the Congress and benefited by being part of its deliberations over the years and hope to be with you in the future.

Publication in memory of Roparz Hemon. This publication made by the Irish Branch and the publishers Coiscéim was launched later in the week. I presented a copy to the chairman, Brian Stowell, to a member of all the branches present and to Róisín Bean Uí Thuama. Róisín had made all the translations in the book to the Breton language so that Bretons, young and old, would be able to read about Roparz in their own language and also learn what other scholars thought about his work for Brittany.

Reports from the National Secretaries: The branch Secretaries read reports on the work of their Branches during the year and there was a lively discussion of their contents. I have attached copies of all the Reports as supplied to me as it is desirable that all the information would be available to all Branches. The Breton Branch was completely occupied with the organizing of this excellent Congress in Lorient and on your behalf and mine would like to heartily congratulate the president, Officers and Committee of the Breton Branch on the result of their efforts in giving us this happy and efficient Congress in Lorient.

6. Treasurer's report

The accounts for the year duly signed by the Auditors were presented by Mrs Gwynedd Haack on behalf of her husband who was unable to be with us. the Accounts showed a balance of £3134.52.

7. Resolutions

The Resolutions which had been passed by the Business Meeting are attached and were passed for action by the AGM. Again there was a long discussion on the necessary and continuous agitation for the contents of the Resolutions.

8. International Secretary

The Meeting confirmed the appointment of Mrs Eurwen Price, Cymru, as proposed by the business Meeting as International Secretary of the Congress and thanked her for being satisfied to allow her name to go forward.

9. International Congress 1996

International meeting of the Celtic Congress will be in University College Bangor in 1996. The Meeting confirmed the venue for the International Meeting in 1996 and thanked the Welsh Branch for its cordial invitation.

10. Any other business

The President, Mr Brian Stowell, brought the proceedings to a close by again congratulating the Brreton Branch on a very successful and efficient congress in Lorient.

  • Eibhlín Ní Cathailriabaigh
  • Brian Stowell

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