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Y Gyngres Geltaidd Ryngwladol

A' Chòmhdhail Cheilteach Eadarnaiseanta
Ar C'hendalc'h Keltiek Etrevroadel
An Comhdháil Cheilteach Idirnáisiúnta
An Cuntelles Keltek Kesgwlasek
Y Cohaglym Celtiagh Eddyr-Ashoonagh
Le Congrès Celtique Internationale

Bangor 1996

1. Apologies for absence from the Congress:

    Alba: Rona Taylor, William Kellock, Margaret MacIver, Callum MacDonald, Joyce MacDonald, Anne MacDonald, Murdo MacLeod, Catherine MacLeod, Angus MacLeod, Mari Fraser, Archie Fraser, May Mackay, Jean Macnaughton, Catriona MacDonald,
    Breizh: Per Denez, Riwanon Kervella, Yann Talbot.
    Cymru: Mary Llywelfryn Davies
    Éire: Áine Ní Channain, Caoimhín Mac Spealáin, Liam Spáinneach, Seosamh Ó Ceoinín, An Dr. Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire
    Kernow: Audrey Pool
    Mannin: Pauline Edge.

2. Minutes of the An Oriant meeting

The minutes of the AGM held in An Oriant were accepted, with the following corrections to spelling: Rev. Frank Warnes, Breizh, Haack.

Treasurer's Report: The stated balance of £17,230.52 should read £3,134.52 and the breakdown between brackets should be deleted.

Also, it should be recorded that Wella Chubb asked a question about activities for youth at the end of the AGM in An Oriant, in Cornish.

Subject to these amendments, the minutes were formally approved.

3. Matters arising


4. Obituaries

    Alba: Ronald Taylor James Sweeney Allan MacLeod Duncan Grant The Rev. William Matheson Sarah B. Bell
    Breizh: Glenmor Yann Bouessel du Bourg
    Cymru: Rachel Mary Davies
    Éire: Eamonn de Barra
    Kernow: Peter Pool Bertha Retallack-Hooper

5. Report of the International Secretary

The Secretary said that her first year in office had been a year of transition. The previous secretary, Eibhlín, had taken the minutes of the 1995 Congress, and had undertaken the task of producing the papers which had been distributed to the voting delegates in Bangor and to the members of the International Committee. She had also undertaken to format the final versions of the resolutions passed at the 1995 Congress.

Unfortunately, however, Eibhlín had suffered health problems during the past year, which had prevented her from completing that task until late in the year. As a result only two of the resolutions had been acted upon those relating to Brittany. A letter of support for DIWAN had been forwarded to the Ministry of Education in Paris, and letters had been sent to the appropriate officials about the trials of Bretons for sheltering Basques, following the advice of the Breton Branch. The remaining matters would be dealt with as soon as possible. Regarding the texts of talks on Human Rights given in An Oriant, Loïk Chapel had forwarded all the texts left with the Breton Branch. The Secretary appealed for the help of the Scottish and Irish Branches in contacting their speakers to request copies of their talks.

During the year, information had been received about the activities of the Scottish Branch, and Murdo MacLeod had sent some comments and suggestions. One of them had been acted upon, and minutes of the last AGM had been distributed to Branch Secretaries in advance of Congress. Other comments related to the formal adoption of minutes and accounts.

The secretary thanked all the speakers at the Bangor Congress for their co-operation in supplying a text of their talks. This meant that Wales could proceed with their project to publish the talks in on volume. She hoped that marketing the book would proved a focus for inter-branch co-operation when it became available.

6. Treasurer's report

The Treasurer presented a balance sheet (v. paper appended), which was formally accepted. In retiring from office, he thanked his fellow officers and auditors for their co-operation.

7. National Branch Reports

Oral reports were given from each branch, as follows:

    Alba: William Forsyth
    Breizh: Loïk Chapel
    Cymru: Gwynedd Haack
    Éire: Róisín Ní Cuill
    Kernow: Denise Chubb
    Mannin: Brian Stowell
The reports contained accounts of important initiatives relating to education, broadcasting, minority languages rights and attempts to promote the participation of young people. The author of the Scottish report regretted that there had been no inter-branch activity between congresses and hoped that this could be resumed.

8. Resolutions

Two following motions were discussed and both were passed unanimously by the voting delegates:

(i) "The Celtic Congress calls on the British Government and Cornwall Council to seek and match European funding for Cornish language teaching in schools." Proposed by Ray Chubb on behalf of the Cornish Branch. Loïk Chapel suggested that Congress might petition the European Parliament via the Bureau of Petitions. Michael Everson suggested that a working group be formulated.

(ii) "The Irish Branch proposed that Mr. Delwyn Phillips be made Honorary Vice-President of the International Celtic Congress for his long service to the Congress internationally and in his own Branch, Wales." Proposed by Róisín Ní Thuama and seconded by Eibhlín Ní Chathailriabhaigh on behalf of the Irish Branch. Eurwen Price expressed the gratitude of the Welsh Branch for Ireland's initiative in proposing the motion.

The final Resolutions are appended.

9. Election of Officers

The following nominations for election or re-election were accepted unanimously:

President: Larry Climo (Kernow): Proposed by Brian Stowell, Seconded by Eibhlín Ní Chathailriabhaigh
Vice-President: Dónall Ó Cuill (Éire) Proposed by Eibhlín Ní Chathailriabhaigh, Seconded by Christine MacKay
Secretary: Eurwen Price (Cymru) re-elected
Treasurer: William Forsyth (Alba): Proposed by Róisín Ní Cuill, Seconded by Richard Jenkin

10. International President's closing remarks

The outgoing President, Brian Stowell, thanked the Welsh Branch for organizing the Congress, especially Gwynedd and Heinz Haack and Mona Williams. He praised the provision made for young people in the Bangor Congress. He said we knew that we could be more efficient as Congress branches. We needed activists to carry through the initiatives proposed. Carwyn Fowler thanked the Welsh Branch on behalf of the young people. Richard Carnagh asked for greater communication between branches, the publication of an information leaflet about the Celtic Congress, and the publication of proceedings on the Internet. Marion Gunn pointed out that the Celtic Congress was already on the Internet.

Finally, the incoming President, Larry Climo, thanked his predecessor and the Welsh Branch.

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