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Resolutions of the 2000 Annual General Meeting
held at Bude, Cornwall, 27 April 2000

  • The International Celtic Congress instructs the International Committee to use any appropriate, legal means at its disposal to further the resolutions passed at successive International Congresses and in the event that "stone walling" is apparent by a Government of similar body appropriate media coverage should be instigated to bring pressure to bear on that body after consultation with the Branch concerned.
  • The International Celtic Congress to develop a properly-funded permanent International Secretariat to work in between the annual Congresses to lobby, promote, coordinate, and service the remit of the Congress and the needs of its member nations. This Secretariat should establish formally-accepted linkages with the relevant departments of the Scottish Parliament, Welsh National Assembly, Breton Regional Council and the Manx and Irish Governments to develop links with appropriate European Institutions. The International Committee will set up a working group to bring forward at next year's Congress a researched framework for the establishment of the Secretariat including the identification of sources of funding from devolved institutions in the European Commission and elsewhere to carry forward those recommendations of the Discussion Forum.
  • The International Celtic Congress urges the Microsoft Corporation to ensure that its software is available in all the Celtic languages. The Congress believes that the provision of software in eadch Celtic language is essential to ensure fully bilingual administration. The Congress therefore strongly recommends that the Government of Ireland, the Government of the Isle of Man, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh National Assembly, the Breton Regional Council, and the Cornish (County) Council should cooperate to develop software in all the Celtic languages. The Congress also asks them to ensure that all their departments and all levels of local government use the software which is available in their national languages.
  • The International Celtic Congress resolves to hold a meeting of the International Office bearers together with one representative from each nation not already represented by the International Office bearers between Congress 2000 and Congress 2001 in order to address the necessity of updating the Constitution of the International Celtic Congress.

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