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Resolutions of the 1993 Annual General Meeting
held at Inverness, 27 July 1993

  • The International Celtic Congress urges the British and French Governments to consult with representatives of indigenous minority languages within the UK and France in order to formulate policies that will enable them to sign the European Charter on Minority Languages without further delay.
  • The Secretary of State for Wales, Mr John Redwood, has suspended a House of Commons rule, which normally allows legislation affecting only Wales to be discussed at Commons committee stage exclusively by Welsh MPs. Thus many Welsh MPs have already been deprived of involvement in the vital Welsh Language Bill, while English MPs with little or no interest in the Welsh Language will have a voice in deciding its fate. The International Celtic Congress calls on the UK Government to rectify this situation.
  • The International Celtic Congress calls on the UK Government in considering the allocation of the extra European parliamentary seats now granted to the UK, to assign one of them to Cornwall in view of its population and in view of its unique cultural identity.
  • The International Celtic Congress requests the French Government to recognize the Breton language as a living language in the schools. The French Government is also requested to contribute to the cost of teaching the Breton language in the schools.

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