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Resolutions of the 1997 Annual General Meeting
held at Dublin, 25 July 1997

  • The International Celtic Congress calls upon the French Government to sign and ratify the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages.
  • The International Celtic Congress, considering that the place of the Breton language in schools and in the public radio and television services utterly disregards the most basic rights of Breton culture, and being mindful of the fact that a special tax is levied upon citizens in possession of a television set in order to get the necessary monies to finance radio and television services, calls upon the French Government to:
    • make Breton available to all pupils in all schools in the whole of Brittany on a voluntary basis;
    • finance out of public funds a full-time radio service in Breton;
    • finance out of public funds a full time television service in Breton.
  • The International Celtic Congress calls on the media in each Celtic country to give wider coverage to newsworthy items in the other Celtic countries.

Cultural Rights Charter

  • The International Celtic Congress believes that it is necessary to have an enquiry made by an official European group, such as the Federal Union of European Nationalities, about cultural rights in Brittany, and in other Celtic countries, wherever the European Charter for Cultural Rights of Minority Peoples has not been implemented, especially with regard to the media.

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